Happy birthday to me!

Just a quick post, as I’m not actually here. It’s my birthday. Yes, my real birthday. I’m now the age I first remember my mom being.


Though frankly, my mother was 29 and holding for a good span of years, so I’m not actually sure I remember the year she was FIRST 29, or one of the following years. But it’s the age I always associated with being Grown Up.

Am I grown up? Well, sorta. Kinda. When I has 2 b. 😛

Compared to how I was at 23, definitely. My life is much calmer. Much happier. Are there days I’m still tempted to go be crazy and wild? Sure! But I also like curling up with my sweetie, reading a book or three, and just relaxing too. Friday nights are no longer a siren call to the nearest bar. At best, they’re a margarita at Chili’s with my best friend. Or now, a video chat with her, and margaritas. 😛

Life right now is in flux. I moved earlier this year, and between one thing and another, I’m not settled in yet. I’ve been in moving purgatory. I’m going to start job hunting as soon as I know when I’m actually going to be moved into the condo, and thus, actually in Philly instead of an hour and a half away in Princeton.

But I’m also writing, editing, cheering on my friends, trying new things, and generally having fun. E and her mom have a surprise in store for me, though it’s next weekend. I have suspicions it involves a trip over to NYC and possibly some sort of show, though it’s anyone’s guess as to which one. I have a weakness for Broadway musicals, as do they, so we try to get to them whenever we have an excuse. Also, E has a horrible poker face, which is how I’ve figured out this much of the plan.

Tonight, Italian food at a wonderful local place and cake. Whoot!!

What do you like to do for your birthday?

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