Year’s end, or where has all the time gone?

This year has been a whirlwind. I started and finished one internship. I wrote half a novel, and wish I’d had more time to work on it than I did. I’ve started a new side gig, and another, more on that on my other name. I struggle, I admit, with how much to share and where and when. I don’t always make the right choices, and I’ve deleted or not posted posts I wanted to, for fear of saying the wrong things in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the wrong people seeing them and interpreting things I don’t mean from them.

It’s something I’m working on, and I get better at it every year, but straddling the line between honesty and openness vs professionalism is hard for me. The internship I started late this fall has a lot more restrictions on what I can say, even general industry related, and blogging has fallen by the wayside, because it’s not like my other identity is secret vs this one. I’m also feeling a bit rootless without it, however, so I’m hoping I can find an acceptable medium in the new year.

It might be short, picture posts, or some short stories I don’t find other homes for, but I need to prioritize taking a few minutes a month for me.

My goals for 2015 are pretty limited, but others are going on my other blog, and some are other personal ideas…

1. Read at least 50 published books. (which is about what I did this year, due to internship volumes of reading. Given as I was spending about 20 hours a week on the old internship, this isn’t as simple a goal as it sounds.)
2. Get my apartment organized.
3. Write and submit for publication at least 1 short story. This involves not only writing it, of course, but researching and finding a home for it.

How’s everyone else’s holidays? Hopefully good. ❤
I failed the GLBT challenge this year, going to try again next year. Though I succeed if we count the unpublished GLBT manuscripts I read, so… that's something, I guess.


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