March wrapup and April #Writemotivation goals

1. Read at least 5 published books. Ended up with 3. Because I was slammed with internthings.
2. Count how many partials/finished MS are read for my internship. -counting slushpiles- 441. Most of that was queries, fulls/partials= 15. I’ve also started working on a pet goal of mine with it, we’ll see what happens with that.
3. Finish a chapter of an in progress novel.-Still working on the worldbuilding and plot. I think I have the handle on it though.

*1 crit.

So onward to April’s goals!
1. Write 10k or more for Camp Nano.
2. Get all Intern things done within 2 weeks of them landing on my to do list. Stretch goal: 1 week. (Not counting things where I’m waiting on her. Entirely JUST what I’m responsible for.)
3. SEDER- Owen’s family seder is coming up, eek! I need to not only cook his allergy friendly things, but help with the music too, since the usual musically talented family members won’t be attending this year.
4. Read at least 3 books-Stretch goal: 5 books.

April promises to be VERY busy. Between my internship, dayjob, family events, and somehow shoehorning sleep in there, I’ll probably be scarce on social media. Anything important/that you want feedback on, let me know.


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