#Writemotivation January 27 update, with a twist

1. Walk, keep up on crits, read at least 15 books- STRETCH GOAL: 20 books!- Walked, except on days when I didn’t go to work. Crits: 1 Books: 2 unpublished, 6 published. 1 GLBT one. Didn’t have as much reading time this month, as I got a BUNCH of work to do for my internship. Mostly because I saw a chance to take initiative and took it. Luckily, this agent was happy I did it. Now I have the resulting work from THAT to get through… Not a bad thing at all, but I definitely made myself a stack!

2. Finish up January’s OWM story and pick my next prompt. STRETCH GOAL: Work on that prompt too!: January’s done, Feb is done, March is semi-started. AND all prompts for the next cycle are picked. Win!

3. Get another chapter written or revised in one of my active projects. STRETCH GOAL: 2 chapters. One chapter finished up. Not 2, due to lack of time. Still, I’ll take it.

ALA was an absolute blast! Ended up with a small mountain of books, so as my intern reading allows, I’ll be reading through them. I’ve triaged the top Want to Reads, and I already sorted out a stack or three for you guys!

I see that confused look. Ok, so basically, we ended up picking up a few duplicates by mistake, and didn’t realize it until we were home. We didn’t want to haul them back and be like, “here, have your extra book back”. People were literally piling books in our hands at one point, going, “Oh, you have to read this!”, acting like they’re stray kittens they’re desperate to get rid of. It was all kinds of awesome and ridiculous! Like, I turned down almost as many as I brought home (Because I was trying to only take ones that I or someone in my household would likely read, and a few that KT had asked me to keep an eye out for). So instead, I figured we could have fun with it. I thought about doing a rafflecopter or other contest, but that’s boring.

So instead, if you’d like some ARCs, email me your mailing address and what genres you like best. There’s a lot of dystopian/YA, some more light hearted/contemporary (some border on literary), some mystery, some lighthearted middlegrade (I already have plans for the more action oriented middlegrades), and a few other assorted bits. No promises on how many you’ll get or exactly when (I’m hoping to get the first batch out this week though!), and it’s grab bag. But they’re ARCs, so I doubt you’ve read them already. 😉 (KT, Becca, Jai, you don’t need to because I already have things picked for you specifically.) There are a few that are part of a series, if you’re not okay with getting one of those, let me know and I’ll try to avoid it for you.

Oh, one catch: To avoid a ton of random spammers popping in (and because if there’s no rules, mayhem ensues), you must have participated in #Writemotivation at least once before.

Enjoy the treats, lovelies! I’m going back to reading. (February’s goals will come next week. They’re pretty much the same.)



  1. January 27, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Free books? Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Will be emailing!

    And it’s always nice when taking initiative on a project pays off instead of biting you in the ass. Hurrah!

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      January 28, 2014 at 6:37 pm

      Got it. 😀 And YES! I was nervous about doing it, but I figured the worst she could say was Don’t do that again! It’s hard any time you deal with a new boss to figure out what level of independence they want you to have vs guiding you through what they want. I always err on, I’ll ask if it’s not time sensitive, but take initiative if it is. You can always apologize later. 😛

  2. heathercashman said,

    January 28, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    What a wonderful offer! Thanks so much and I’m glad you had fun! You’re amazing with all you accomplish. Email soon 🙂

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      January 28, 2014 at 6:38 pm

      You’re very welcome! And thanks! 😀 It’s 90% organization, 5% chipping away at it, and 5% sheer dumb luck, but it works! 😀

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