January 20th #Writemotivation update

1. Walk, keep up on crits, read at least 15 books- STRETCH GOAL: 20 books!- Walked. Crits: 1 Books finished this month so far: 1 unpublished (5 partially read for this. I wonder if I should count 4 partials as 1?), 5 published. Didn’t have much to do for my internship this week, so if this continues, I’ll catch up on the reading. I’m almost done with a GLBT one, Affinity. It’s a little slow, but at least there’s some plot beyond the romance. It’s supposed to be gothic, but I’m not feeling it so much. With any luck, it’ll improve near the end.

2. Finish up January’s OWM story and pick my next prompt. STRETCH GOAL: Work on that prompt too!: January’s done, Feb is started, all prompts for the next cycle are picked.

3. Get another chapter written or revised in one of my active projects. STRETCH GOAL: 2 chapters.
Working on that today.

I’m off today, thank you MLK. (I’ll freely admit, I don’t have any authentic “right” to this holiday, but I’ll enjoy it anyway.) This coming weekend, I’m going to ALA under my IRL identity. It should be a blast, I’m hoping to meet a few editors and just politely introduce myself as an agenting intern. I’m going to stop by on Friday after my dayjob to pick up our badges and get a general lay of the land. They’re having a meet/greet kind of setup, so I’ll poke around that and then come home. If I’m MIA next weekend, it’s probably because I’m up at the convention center. (It’s just less than a mile from my place, so I can always pop home for lunch and such, drop off arcs, etc.) No promises, as I’m awful about going to the post office, but anything anyone REALLY wants in arc form? Hmm. Maybe I’ll see what I get and then do rafflecopter giveaways for a few? Ya know, if anyone’s interested. 😉



  1. heathercashman said,

    January 22, 2014 at 9:02 am

    You’re getting a lot done! Congrats and have fun at the conference. I love going to those.

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      January 22, 2014 at 10:33 am

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to it, even though at this rate, it’ll mean trudging through lots of snow!

  2. January 27, 2014 at 11:38 am

    sounds like fun. hope you enjoyed the ala gathering and brought back some fun things for your writer pals. 🙂

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