Well, that didn’t take long!

In far happier news: Got an email back on Monday that a certain agent would love to have me as one of her interns! I figured that might be her response, as we have a mutual friend who spoke highly of me to her, (over exaggerating my skills, as this friend is prone to doing, but I can see why she perceives me that way.) so my odds were good from the start. I emailed my regrets to my old internship place, of course.

It was interesting to see the two disparate reactions. The intern coordinator person there was apologetic for how things went and understanding, not to mention is encouraging future contact (You know, the professional and kind way to approach things) in such a way that it is VERY likely if I meet up with her at an industry event, I will immediately smile and ask how life is going. The primary editor who was the cause for months of delay replied with excuses and justifications for the delays, all of which are very valid reasons for not onboarding anyone new, but… Had I known them up front, or even along the way as they arose, I wouldn’t have bothered her repeatedly, expecting a response. Would I have waited? I don’t know. Probably not past the new year, anyway. I am patient. I am not, however, willing to put all my long term eggs into a basket that has moss growing on it. Ultimately, I’m going to make the choices that seem best for my long term career plans, and I’m going to have as many contingency plans as I need to get out of my dayjobs and into what I really want to do with my life: Make books. In some way, shape, or form.

One key thing I’d like to point out as a result of all this: Publishing, at all levels, is a communications industry. Give your clients, subordinates, and bosses realistic expectations and explain, even briefly, when you’re going to likely go beyond the range of your normal. You’d be surprised how understanding people can be. Keep them in the loop, and things will go much smoother. I was never more frustrated with OldInternship than when I felt ignored. There were reasons, granted, and I don’t hold any hard feelings, but I can tell for certain which of the two there I’d rather work with in the future on projects… but I think I’ll wait until the other one is not in a position to be a roadblock.

But hooray for a new internship! This one I get to do both, reader reports and slush sifting, which is fantastic! I can’t wait, and I’m already impressed with this agent’s communication style and speed. New internship, almost a new year, and I’m ready to rock it!

(note: Distinguishing details may be invented on this one, or poorly disguised. It’s been a long, slammed week at the dayjob.)

Also? I hit 150 books for the year last night. Not counting the ~20 unpublished MSs I read. Uhm, oops?
Yes, I know there’s still practically half a month left in the year. Time for some Epic Fantasy. 😉 I have some Kate Elliott saved for just such an occasion!


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