November 18 #Writemotivation and #Nanowrimo update

So Nano’s going quite well, if I do say so myself. I’m finding a nice rhythm most days, and any day I manage to drag myself up in the morning to write before work, I’m getting around 1k. The least I’ve reached so far was 418 words for a day, and the most is 5511 (Before you ask, no, that was not an intentional fun number!). Current count is about 34k! So I’m a little ahead of pace, which is good. I know there’s 2 days where words are VERY unlikely due to family commitments. My current goal is to finish 50k by November 24th. That way going into Thanksgiving week, I can still write but I don’t have that pressure. We’ll see how well that works. It requires me to push some on the weekends, but not to anything ridiculous.

In other news, I volunteered to Help Brenda with a couple query critiques over on her blog, hopefully they’re helpful! When she sent the queries to me initially, I first saw them on my phone while walking to work. I had a very gut-level reaction to one of “This doesn’t work at all”, and a “This one’s not too bad” to the other. I’ll leave it to you to guess which was which, 😉 and both ended up with parts that were well phrased. But in a slushpile? Those gut reactions are often what makes the decision. If a concept isn’t extremely unique (hint: No, yours likely isn’t.), then the quality and clarity of the writing is what they’re looking for.

Queries are HARD, folks. You need to be able to succinctly communicate what it’s about in a way that makes it sound interesting. It’s simple in theory, but exquisitely hard in practice. We’ve gone over this before, but if any of you want a fresh set of eyes on your query or more tips, let me know.

Meanwhile, today was slammed at the dayjob, so I have writing to do. Time to war!



  1. November 18, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Hurrah, being ahead of the pace is a lovely feeling!

    And it’s a feeling I’ve been missing very much this NaNo. But I’m off the hook for Thanksgiving this year, personally – we’re going to the in-laws for the day, and so I don’t have to cook! Hopefully that means I can get some writing time in.

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      November 19, 2013 at 8:24 pm

      It’s a VERY infrequent event for me to be ahead. I’m usually blasting out in week 3 trying to catch up, so this is unfamiliar territory. And yay for Thanksgiving elsewhere! We’re going to Owen’s Brother’s Fiance’s Parent’s place. (Try saying THAT 3x fast!) It’s out in podunkville, though, which means a pretty long drive, and I have pies to make, which is always fun. 😉

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