October Wrapup and November #Writemotivation goals

Wow, October really zoomed by! I’d meant to put this up on Halloween, but time got away from me.

1. The usual. Walk,- check. Crit-All caught up. Even volunteered and did some query crits for Brenda, those will go up later this month. If I have anything I still owe you back, let me know! Otherwise, I’ll do whatever in December. Read- 11 books for the month. Not my usual 15, but a couple of those were pretty long. I’m still ahead. 😛

2. Socialize- Did a lot, but only with a few people. Oh well. Generally, if anyone ever wants to chat, I’m around, but I’m likely multitasking and therefore you should poke me if I haven’t poked you. Seriously. It’s ALWAYS ok to poke.

3. Figure out game plans and alternate options for November, including ways to preprep food and streamline household tasks.-Got this all set. Did a decent cleaning job on the house over the weekend so I can ignore it mostly for November and just do a cleaning spree the first weekend in December. Groceries are preset except for hitting order.

So, about that time again, eh?

My only goal for November:
well, and 2. FOCUS ON THE WRITING and don’t go insane waiting.

I still haven’t heard back on my secret. I’ll admit, I was starting to get impatient until I asked a friend who had done it already. Turns out they’re not being slow, this is normal for them. Just goes to show the importance of setting people’s expectations up front. The first half was fast on turnaround, and the primary contact person was so excited that I expected a faster turnaround time… Like 6 weeks, not longer. I can be as patient as a mountain, as long as I know to settle in and wait. On the bright side? This means I ought to hear back from it about the time Nano ends. I’m frontloading my word count. Already (before I started writing today) have ~10700 words for the month. I’ve done about 600 so far today at work (up to lunch) and after I eat (waiting on it to cool, I overheated it!), going back to try to catch at least another 400 before the end of the break. Hoping to get 2-3k today total. I set things up so if I get at least 1k a day during the week, I’m good to go, but more is NEVER a bad thing considering my brain pretty much stops after 5k.

I’ve already had my MC do something I didn’t completely plan out, but that’s okay. It fits, both her and the story, so I’m running with it. There are a few points where my outline is a bit vague, so I can adjust as I need.

Here’s to another great Nano and #Writemotivation November!


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