October midmonth check-in

This month has been rather nuts. Between the dayjob and critiques and such, it feels like no sooner do I get up than it’s time for bed again, and no sooner do I go to bed than it’s time to get up. 


October’s going mostly okay, aside from the lack of time.

1. The usual. Walk,- check. Crit-Caught up, including one more pass on Kt’s. I love this story. I can not WAIT until you all get to read it. The voice on it is AMAZING.  Read-aside from that, 3 books read. I’m not in a hurry, as I’m still ahead, so I read a really long one in there. 
2. Socialize- With what limited time I’ve had, it’s not been a priority. Oops. 
3. Figure out game plans and alternate options for November, including ways to preprep food and streamline household tasks.-Grocery shopping mostly set up for the month, with a set list for the items we get every time. I’m going to go through and make menu-specific lists for a few of the things we frequently make. Also, I’ve discovered quite a few preprepared foods they have that are pretty delicious, so there’s also those options. 


Other than that, not much to tell. Just waiting for November. 


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