#Writemotivation September 23rd update

1. The usual. Walk, read, crits.-Amazingly, managed to walk every day last week that I went to work! Granted, I was slower than I am usually, but still. Crits- Didn’t have any to do this week. Reading-9 published and 3 unpublished=12 so far for the month. I should make it. (And hey, one of those was a long epic fantasy, so I can’t really complain!)

2. OWM- Roughly drafted October’s post. VERY roughly, but I’ll get it in.

3. Be more social online.- Was mostly too busy to be terribly social, but tried when I could anyway.

4. Start figuring out tentative nano plans-Looked over what I have for Starboard and Top Hat. I think I’m definitely taking about 30k of Nano to finish Top Hat, then using the other 20k for Starboard.

I get to prod on Secret come Wednesday, since it’ll be a month exactly since I sent it in, and I have resisted poking, showing a GREAT deal of restraint. 😉 Not that I totally have the email already written and all I have to do Wednesday morning is hit send. NEVER! 😛

Also, I need to send my mom a birthday present this week. Any suggestions for treats for a food lover that has everything and is always on various fad diets that I don’t keep track of?

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