Septemver 16 #writemotivation

1. The usual. Walk, read, crits.-Didn’t walk last week. Was stuck home with the flu. I always thought people were exaggerating the aches, but holy fuck, I felt like I’d been hit by a semi truck repeatedly. It still hasn’t quite gone away, but I’m going to go sweet talk Owen’s doctor into writing me a note for work, since they sprung that “requirement” on me Friday afternoon. It’s like, guys, it’s the flu. It knocks you down for about a week and change, sure, but I’m not taking all the time off. I don’t have that much PTO.I had 7 1/2 days. This is, all told, using 7 of those. I don’t get more til October. Therefore, I’m going in Tuesday whether I’m actually better or not. But I think I might take the bus… Not sure I can handle walking that far.
Crits-Perk of being sick, and for once not mentally out of it: I was able to get a lot of crits done. 3, as a matter of fact.
Reading-6 published and 3 unpublished=9 so far for the month. A bit ahead of pace, which is just fine.

2. OWM- September went up to little comment. Oh well. I’m almost done with October’s. Need to start poking at the next set.

3. Be more social online.- I was feeling very introverted with being sick, but I still chatted a bit.

4. Start figuring out tentative nano plans-Invoking Zotoku unless something last minute really ravages my mind. Pretty sure I’m going to work on finishing Top Hat, then on Starboard.

Tell me you had a better week?

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