#Writemotivation August wrapup and September goals!

1. The usual- Walked. 15 published, 1 unpublished this month=16! Made it by reading my eyes out Saturday, finished a couple that had been in progress and devoured a couple other shorter novels. Crits, the same one is in my box still. Oops.
2. Work on Starboard- Didn’t really make that much progress on this. That’s okay. Trying to focus on getting things done right rather than fast.
3. OWM-I think I have how it goes now. Just need to do the rest of it. 🙂
4. (SECRET) (Will be revealed once I know more!)- Waiting. 🙂
4b. If SECRET thing doesn’t happen- Work on making something similar to SECRET happen.
5. Find more hours in my day to talk to the wonderful KT.- Every chance I get, lol!

So August was a bit crazy, but what else do you expect? It always is.
September is when I usually reevaluate the progress I’ve made in the year and figure out what’s still needing done in the same year and what gets added to next year’s stack. Since I don’t have deadlines, per se, to keep me on track, this tends to be a good thing.

1. The usual. Walk, read, crits. 47 more books to read for the year! Actually, 46. I read another one Sunday.
2. OWM- September’s story is in progress. We didn’t have a chat this last month, hopefully we’ll fit that in.
3. Be more social online.- I tend to go through introvert periods. August was so full of craziness that I looked up Sunday morning and was like, oh. Is the universe calmer now? Okay then! Time for more socializing. Granted, I still don’t have enough hours in my days, but who ever does?
4. Start figuring out tentative nano plans, including if I’m invoking Zotoku to whittle down the WIPs, or if I have something else clamoring to be written. This is very much subject to change

That’s all, because I’m still waiting on Secret. Once I know if that’s happening, I’ll adjust goals from there. It very likely will impact things. I’m lucky I’m actually REALLY good at waiting, because I always have something else I can do while I wait. If I’m waiting on one aspect of life, there’s always something to do. If there’s not, there’s always laundry or dishes to do. 😛 I’m hoping it turns out a yes, because it needs to balance out the no I got at my dayjob, (Though I’m getting to betatest some of our inhouse software. Doesn’t MEAN anything, but it’s something. Besides, that other project is going to have a REALLY rough start. I’m glad to let others deal with it, as things there get more figured out.)

Now, I’m doing laundry and making hot sauce for Labor Day (Well, I happened to have a bunch of peppers slowly perishing on the counter. What else would you do with them?). Anyone doing anything exciting or cool?


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