#Writemotivation July Wrapup and August goals

1. The standard ones-Crits- The short one got pushed back (I told her before she sent it I was going to be slow to get to it), in favor of a thing for my internship. Can’t say more than that yet, but I have my fingers crossed.
Walking-The heat FINALLY broke. As in I walked out Thursday morning, and went “Holy *bleeepity bleep bleep*! It’s COLD OUT HERE! It was ~65* and wonderful!
Reading- 11 published+1 unpublished for the month. Given as that one unpublished was a much more in depth project than my usual though, and my day job no longer has built in reading time, I’ll take it. I’m still technically 4 (published) books ahead for the year according to my tracker, so I won’t complain.

2.REVISED: Work on Starboard.-Making progress still. Very, very slowly and in patches. But I’m loving it. Just need to assemble the pieces scattered everywhere. Hazard of work being busier, I’ve been stealing bits of time to work on it during lunch and breaks, which means some files are in my email, some are on my work computer, some are on my laptop. I didn’t get to work on it over the weekend though,

3. Keep up on OWM.- Roughed out the beginnings and voices for the next set. *grins* Who, me? Work ahead? ALWAYS!

This last week was really busy. We had meetings at work where we met with our supervisor’s higher ups to tell what we liked/didn’t like/ things that could be improved. Mind you, I was meeting with a woman who I chat with frequently, so it wasn’t intimidating exactly, but I know better than to ever fall into a trap at a job of casualness. Not wardrobe wise, but with social interactions/meetings. So I made sure to go in with highly constructive criticisms, and really emphasized the “Here’s what we’re doing great, here’s where I feel like some focuses are misplaced, and here’s some things I’d love to see developed more,” kinds of issues. Add to that a couple other regular meetings, preparing to interview for another group at work that’s going to be working on a project more in line with what I’m more used to doing, and the day job took a lot of my time and focus this week.

So of course, this weekend was extremely busy. I had a thing to do for my internship, fingers crossing on that. Friday night, one of my buddies and I went furniture browsing, then for a couple local craft beers, and then chatted wine at the liquor store for a few hours all told after work. Saturday he brought his dog over to the park to work on her socializing, so spent a couple hours playing there, which was excellent. I’d missed snuggling dogs! Then Sunday, Owens’ parents came over to do some minor fixing on something, and then we all went to a dinner at a very nice restaurant to celebrate Owen’s brother getting into Vet School with his fiance and her family. That was rather intimidating, as I’m not close with them, but it was still enjoyable, and the food was delicious! Granted, it was French, which I can make REALLY well, but they had duck and rabbit, which is always excellent and not something I’ve found around here to prepare myself. So I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to on the

And with that, new week, new month, and of course, new goals!

August is going to be full of fun things, and may possibly be even busier than July. Meeble! Not anything really new here.
1. The usuals-Walking, reading, crits.
2. (SECRET) (Will be revealed once I know more!)
2b. If SECRET thing doesn’t happen- Work on making something similar to SECRET happen.
3. Keep working on Starboard.


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  1. July 30, 2013 at 12:54 am

    I like the SECRET things

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