July 1 #Writemotivation and June Wrapup

1. The standard ones- Total books for this month so far- 2 unpublished+15 published=17. Walked, actually more than usual. We had a party for work on Friday, and I thought it was maybe half a mile to a mile south of my place. Coming from work, I thought that’d be pushing it but doable. Well, it was 1.8 miles south of my place. So erm, I walked 5.1 miles total after work Friday. I felt very justified in wolfing down my hamburger/fries/beer at the party. Would have stayed longer, but it was raining, and I wasn’t that interested. I keep forgetting this city is more long than wide (at least if you’re staying between the rivers).
2. Work on the heavy lifting on SW- Working on it, mostly during the week. It’s funny, because it’s both finessing something that was previously heavy handed and drawing other aspects in tighter, all through the POV of a character who really doesn’t think the way normal people do. Her brain does strange things, which makes fitting things together entertaining.
3. Get back to working on Top Hat- Still working on that chapter. I think I’m going to take a break from Top Hat, next month, and focus entirely on SW.
4. Keep up on OWM.- July’s story sorta started, luckily I’m going last this time so I have time. I have the bones, just need to flesh it out. Next round of prompts picked. I can’t WAIT to see what KT and Becca pick out!

Next month is a month full of changes. My schedule’s going to be hectic while it shifts over, but hopefully I’ll keep on top of things.

July’s goals:
1. The standard ones-Crits, walking, reading.- Crits still closed except on emergency basis or unless you’re already on my calendar.
2. Work on the heavy lifting on SW
3. Keep up on OWM.

Yeah, it’s a repeat month! But given how flexible everything else is, I figured it was safest to keep it simple. I’m still debating doing camp nano, I have so many ideas pounding at my brain, but I really want to finish existing projects first. I could use the kick in the pants to finish Top Hat, but I have Soooooo much to do that I don’t know if this is a good month for it. We’ll see, I guess.

Here’s to another awesome month!


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