June 17 #Writemotivation

1. The standard ones- Total books for this month so far- 2 unpublished+7 published=9. Oh, right, we’re only just over half through the month. Guess I’m on pace. Walked, still, despite one nasty weather day where I was debating putting up with mass transit (Luckily it stopped raining before I had to leave!). Sorta finished one crit, just need to scribble out a few notes and read the last ~2 chapters still.
2. Work on the heavy lifting on SW- Had plans to attack this over the weekend, but since Owen was out of the house Saturday I took advantage of it to do things I normally can’t, like listen to obnoxious songs and lounge around in the recliner. 😛 Sunday was eaten up with Father’s day things, but fun anyway.
3. Get back to working on Top Hat- Still working on that chapter.
4. Keep up on OWM.-Mine for the month went up last week (yay!). Haven’t started mine for next month yet, I’ll probably get to it this next weekend. Becca’s goes up this week, I can’t WAIT to see it! (not that I ever sneak in and read them ahead of time, nopenopenope!)

Last week was a week of the grumps. Seemed like I could do no right at the dayjob, but all such stupid little things that they don’t matter in the long run. I suspect it was going around, though, because my whole group was being snappy to each other. It doesn’t help that the 7 of us (plus bossdude) spend SO much time interacting, since we’re the only ones there after 5. For the last 3 hours of our days, we’re the only ones we have to chat with. It gets old after a while.

I really, really want to get into agenting or editing. The only holdup right now is that I need something I can do on the side while maintaining a paying job. If they’re going to pay me the same as I get right now, even slightly more or less, I’d take it in a heart beat. But all the ones I see posted either are unpaid gigs like the internship I’m doing now, or barely break to minimum wage when it’s all said and done. And while I know I’ll probably need to take that paycut eventually, to get more experience, I want to have a STRONG financial buffer when I do. There’s a series of trips I want to take and some dental work I’ll need done, and between then all, I’d just as soon keep working at a decent paying gig and doing writing/agenting/editing work on the side. Now, if I can find a way to juggle it so it won’t take over the day job slot, and, for example, I could do it on mornings/nights/weekends, that’d be perfect.

OK, time to get something else productive done. Have a good week all!



  1. June 17, 2013 at 9:13 am

    I think work such was contagious last week! Here’s hoping for a better week!

  2. June 17, 2013 at 11:25 am

    Last week was a grumpy week for a lot of people. I even had a super ranty post about guys being jerks.

    Hope this week goes better!

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