#writemotivation 5/13

1. The standard ones- Walking, Reading, and Keeping up crits- Walked, so far for the month 2 internship books done, finished crit on one mostlydone novel, I’m about half way on another, and one waiting to start. Given as I just got asked to do that the other day, I can’t count that one against me. So far, total books read this month: 5 regular +3 crit/internship novels=8 total for the month.
2. Keep editing on SW- I got most of a pass of edits done at work last week, marking it up the way I would Kt’s drafts, which is to say, “expand here” “make this carry through” “oooh, I love this line!”. Once I’m done with that, I need to see how much the adjusting will shift things, then I have some heavy lifting rewriting to do on a few parts. Still, it’s better than a whole novel’s worth.
3. OWM.- The first post went well. I was sooooooooo incredibly nervous, but all the feedback was wonderful! So thank you!! ❤ KT's up this week, and it's another creepy one. I'm going to try to make next month's story a bit more cheery!
4. Get my mornings back!- Did good with this last week. Managed to carve out at least half an hour every weekday morning for productive stuff. Combined with working on edits at work, and it was a really productive week.

The weekend was nice, even if I didn't get everything done I needed to. I made some serious dents in the To Do pile, then went out to the Zoo for mother's day with the family. Did some housecleaning, which is always good. It makes me feel less stressed when there's less clutter everywhere. Now if I can only manage to get even less crap… 😉

Looking ahead: This week may be a bit of a madhouse, as my birthday's on Friday, and I have no idea what the plans are, if there's plans, etc. I'd be tempted to have friends over, but that involves me cooking/getting drink stuff/planning and this place is not set up for entertaining more than 5 people at a time. If I invited everyone I'd want to, it would be like 7 people. Plus have 2 or 3 of my friends I'd want to skype in from where they live.


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  1. May 13, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Whooo hooo for getting your mornings back, even just a little bit. I absolutely loved your OWM submission! It was great! And yay for birthdays!!

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