#Writemotivation April 22

Ah, the almost end of another crazy month. It’s been one of those months where

*looks around* Oh. Apparently Big Brother doesn’t want me talking about it.

Censorship. Cispa, yet another of the Big Brother law attempts was passed by the house last week, while we were all wrapped up in the week from hell. In this variant, all the private companies you do business with, wordpress, twitter, facebook, google, etc, can share information about your activities with each other. You know all those privacy agreements you supposedly have? They’d be null and void. They can share whatever they want. “Private information” is a really wide amount of stuff. Anything transmitted through your cable company’s lines could be shared with other companies and the government. It’s like having your phone tapped at all times, or having the satellite over your head spying on your activity at all times.

What? This sounds paranoid? Exactly. It’s designed to make people paranoid so they won’t do illegal/illicit net activity. In theory, it’s intended to keep people from pirating stuff. I’ve already looked at why people pirate and what authors can do about it. The seemingly simple “solution” to piracy, from a law perspective, is to make it not worth it, with fines and threats. The only way for them to know who to punish is to somehow get around things like the 4th amendment. That’s what these kinds of bills are intended to do.
Do I agree with piracy? No. But bills like this are not the solution.

The real writemotivation post will go up tomorrow. Meanwhile, think about how much information you have put online over the past 20 years+. Then decide: Would you want the government to have access to it all?
I wouldn’t.
Already emailed my senator, adding to the chorus of folks doing the same. Think about it. Then act as you see fit.


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