#Writemotivation 4/15

1. The standard ones- Walked all week, one crit of a short to do (I’m planning on reading it over tonight) and so far 4 books for the month. I need to increase this speed a bit.
2. Outline SW2 and 3- The gist/blurb level outlines are done. I’d like to do a chapter by chapter outline, and I’m still not sure of the ending of 3… We’ll see. I might make it so this one can stand alone and become part of a set if it seems like they’ll buy the other books too. Otherwise, much of what I have plotted for those could be adjusted to another story idea I have running around anyway.
3. Begin edits on SW1- Started. Read through the fantastic notes Becca and KT gave me, combined it with what I was already planning, and so much work to do! There’s a few chapters that need overhaul, but far less than usual. Mostly it’s just varying sentence structure more (which is rather hard when you’re talking a sheltered 17 year old’s first person POV), pulling a few threads tighter, and emphasizing a couple of aspects that, if I do write more books in it, I could pick up then. It’s an odd bit of brain gymnastics to work with, but I think it’ll be a stronger story if it CAN stand on it’s own anyway, and just leaves them wanting more, rather than leaving them wanting more without it standing alone potentially.

This week is just as busy as usual, alas. We finally went bed shopping this weekend and bought one, and a frame to go with it. Spent a bit more than I wanted really, but I’d rather get good quality that will last a long time than have to replace it in 5 years because it sucks but it was cheap. XD That’s getting delivered later today. Work last week had some really slow points, as in I was able to quick triage the last 5 chapters of SW in a printout while at work in ONE day. Mostly not on breaks, either. I flat out asked my manager if there was anything he needed done, even errands or something. Once he said no, I was like, ok, edit time! SO I basically got paid to work on my stuff. *chuckles* Mostly because it keeps me out of his hair. 😛 Don’t get me wrong, any job is better than no job. But by the time you factor in taxes and such (really, who the hell has CITY and state taxes? That’s just cruel!), this job pays lousy and is rather boring.

I was complaining at KT last night, and told her what I’d really like to do… She thinks it’s genius. I think it’s a bit insane and overly optimistic. But I emailed a couple people I know will be objective about it and have hands on experience with part of it, and we’ll see what happens from there. I need more experience in one of the aspects anyway before I can safely attempt it. We’ll see.

Sometimes I think that’s the hardest part with this industry. It’s so much about waiting and seeing and experience. And I’m not a patient person… I like to be BUSY. The times where I have little to do, nothing gets done because I procrastinate. If I have a lot to do, I’m FAR happier.
Speaking of… *runs out the door for work*


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  1. Becca said,

    April 16, 2013 at 10:42 am

    You really have me intrigued with this whole “what you’d really like to do” plan. I’m trying to guess, and I can’t even. 🙂

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