April 8 #Writemotivation check in.

1. The standard ones- Walked all week, no crits to do so far this month, and so far 2 books for the month (but several others started, just not finished).
2. Outline SW2 and 3- Thanks to a wonderful brainstorming session Sunday with KT, 2 is mostly figured out, at least on the broad level. Needs more complications and such, but the gist is there. Still working on 3. Hopefully will have the same high level overview done this week/weekend. I’ve been taking the approach of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, and showing it to KT and having her help me make sense of it. She’s FANTASTIC at that. XD
3. Begin edits on SW1- Pending #2.

Last week was pretty busy, but at least the weekend I caught up on some stuff. Still need to finish hanging the clothes all back up (started trying to sort the winter clothes out, ugh season changes), and need to do a general pickup again. We really need to go bed shopping. We’ve been using these inflatable air beds that are a reasonable height…. Which wear out periodically and get unbalanced. Then they get to the point if one person stands up, the other plunges to the floor because they’re suddenly displacing all the air by themselves. This drives a certain other person *coughs* completely nuts, so we’re camping out on the couch/recliner instead right now, because it’s stupid to buy another one of these when we really could just go get a proper bed. I just wanted to find a bed frame I liked first, and haven’t yet. But frankly, at this rate, I’ll take one of those little metal stands and then change things later as needed!

Apologies for the short/direct posts lately. One of these days, I’ll have more time. *laughs and runs off for work*


  1. April 8, 2013 at 10:51 am

    time? What’s that?

    if only we had a Timey Wimey Machine…

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      April 8, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      Seriously, if I could just get my hands on a TARDIS, I’d be a HAPPY camper!!

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