March 18 #Writemotivation check in

1. Spend at least an hour a day working on something writing related: New words, outlines, revisions.- Mostly spent this averaged out over the course of the week. But I did get a decent amount of writing time at work last week, and some good crit reading time in over the nights/mornings/weekend. I really need to cut back my distraction games though. I played them again while sick and am now hooked again. Oops!
2. Read at least 15 books- 2 internship book so far this month, 13 regular books.=15! Whoot! I think I’ll get at least a few more read this month too, but next weekend’s promising to be insane, so we’ll see.
3. Keep up on crits.- Did good on this. Had another internship book and a friend needed help with a short story ending. Have one waiting that I already told him I wouldn’t be getting to this month before he sent it,but it’s not late if I gave a longer deadline on it! It’s only ~50k, but I suspect it’ll be hard to get through because it’s older, rough prose he’s trying to decide if the plot is worth salvaging. We’ll see.
4. Walk to work every day.- Whoot. Doing well on this, despite the temptation on rainy, nasty days to catch a bus.

Quick update because I’m running late this morning: Em and Dev are still sick with the cold, but starting to get better. I’m much better, just have a bit of a lingering cough and an annoying bit of congestion. Most of my writing time has been taken up with crits, at least outside of work, so I’m using my downtime at work to write. I only seem to get around 1k per week that way, but they’re far cleaner words than I sometimes bash out, so I’ll take it. Kt’s making progress on the SW crits, Becca’s done (and made me so happy with them!), so I have to get a move on with Top Hat if I want to at least finish my first draft before I start edits on SW. I already know this one’s going to need a fairly heavy edit pass, because there’s a particular style I’m trying to get the voice, but it doesn’t come entirely natural to me. So it’s requiring me to get the story out first, then go back and embellish, which is fine, just time consuming.

Time to run. I need more hours in my days!!!


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