Feb 18 #Writemotivation update

1. Keep up on crits!-Read through a project for Becca, still compiling my notes for her. Not because there are a lot of them, mind you, but because I want to be very specific and it involves a bit of fine tooth combing to go, “And this here bit could do double/triple duty by doing this thing”, etc.
2. Walk to work at least 4/5 days each week- Walked all week again. 😀 Every time I’m tempted by things like busses and my car, I just remind myself; Would I rather spend that money on one day’s convenience or a book (or in the case of the car: 2 books, by the time you account gas)
3. Get to 50k on Top Hat- Typed most of what I had handwritten, though one scene got changed and amped, up to ~32k. Writing more today too.
4. Read at least 15 books- So far this month, 2 internship books, 6 regular books, 1 other crit book (but it’s a reread)= 9. It’s going to be close. 6 more to go!

This week was jet lag/exhaustion central. I was going to go to a write in yesterday and go mattress shopping, but I was too tired to deal with people. I did get my handwritten stuff typed up and worked on crits mostly this weekend. Oh, and I processed like 5lbs of ginger root, made candied and pickled ginger! (and froze a bit of plain for use in future dishes!). That took like 2 1/2 hours on Sunday! Then I’ve been trying to figure out the next few months, writing wise.

I don’t want to spend months on end just editing, so I’m thinking that I might just devote an hour or so each day to Writing Tasks; Writing new words, revising old ones, and outlining projects. I can either split it into 20 minute blocks of a Task, or 2 30 minute, or one task per day, as the mood hits me. I think I’ll try that approach for the rest of this month and March and see what happens. I’m hoping once the weather warms up to take my laptop (or one of the alphasmarts) and write somewhere quiet on lunch breaks. We’ll see if that actually happens.

Meanwhile, back to working on crits!


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