1. Keep up on crits!-Finally finished Chy’s readthrough, no other suggestions beyond what I’d already given her, so that’s good! I did an internship book this week too.
2. Walk to work at least 4/5 days each week- Walked all last week, even when it was snowing/raining! There are 5 books that come out tomorrow I’m wanting to read, so I had good incentive! (It’s still cheaper than parking, when I’m getting ebooks!)
3. Get to 50k on Top Hat- Working on this still, need to type in the hand written still…
4. Read at least 15 books- Bought a few ahead for our trip, so far this month finished 2. One for the internship, one regular.

Read 6 books in January. Not great, but I wasn’t trying to read a lot. I wanted to make up for the craziness of December, after all! Of those:

ONLY 1 was 5 star: The Archived. This is a book I want to sit down and study the hell out of! The way Victoria crafts mood is utterly AMAZING! I devoured it in one night after work, only to realize afterwards that I hadn’t paused for so much as dinner and I had a pounding headache. Uhm, oops!! Seriously, I was THAT sucked into it! That almost never happens to me. I’m buying an extra copy at an event whenever I manage to get to one (alas, her closest to Philly event is when I’m out in LA. My work schedule makes getting to 7pm weekday events a bit troublesome in the immediate future too. Once I have enough PTO saved up, though…. I’ll use an hour or two to go!)

3 were 4 stars. Not bad books, but nothing that blew my socks off. 2 of those were later books in a fantasy series I’ve been working through, and I thought they could have done with a LOT of tightening. They were long, but not much happened. It’s almost like the author realized she needed a bigger plot than she’d been establishing to tie together more books, because they were selling well or something, and thus threw in a bunch of things that are now stretched out over double the books length they should have been.
One was a start of a spin off series, and fell prey to the over-explaining that all too often entails. I wanted to like this one more than I did.

2 were 3 stars or less. One of those was a short novella intermixing characters from an author’s 2 separate series, and it fell very flat trying to combine them. I couldn’t believe in it. The other was a fairy tale remix that was so utterly dull and predictable, I used it for bedtime reading. There was no danger of getting sucked in. Everything was wrapped up into such neat, convenient bows, it wouldn’t have seemed out of place in a christmas commercial! Needless to say, I’m giving up on the rest of that series. They’re not working for me.

Other than that, I’m already kicking butt and taking names at my new job. We’re kicking them off a new project, and so they had created some anticipatory FAQs I ended up proofreading out of boredom… and then getting reward points for doing it! (This job has a really interesting reward system. If you get enough points, you can get extra PTO, gift cards and such!) Between that and my old habit of mentoring people that came back out almost immediately, my new boss already loves me. Should make this job easy on me anyway! Plus unlike the previous call center I worked in, it’s EASY to get days off. You just tell them, and you only really have to coordinate it with the other people on your own team. So I only have to compete with 7 other people for the time off! Whoooot! (Unlike having 200+ people fighting for ~5 time off slots per day!) Needless to say, I’m loving this job already.

Keep me posted on anything amazing this week? I’m going to be scarce while I adjust to our later shift. Noon-8pm Eastern. But on the good side, I’m getting writing done in the morning! Whoot!



  1. February 4, 2013 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you so much for reading my revisions, and I hope the changes I’ve been making since I sent you that all tidy up the things you’d have noticed during this read through. So, so grateful!

    Just added The Archived to my Goodreads TBR list. Very intriguing 🙂

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      February 5, 2013 at 9:09 am

      ❤ Always! I like your style, which counts for a lot in my books. 😀 And seriously, it's sooooo amazing! Like, this is one of those books I want to cuddle and then buy copies for everyone.

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