Book stats of 2012

So I read 150 books last year, totaling ~46433 pages (Though goodreads doesn’t have page counts on all books, and leaves those out of the totals. I had 10 books without page counts. I’d guesstimate those total ~1500, as most of those were add on works to existing worlds, short story collections or novellas). I track them for a few reasons: It’s easier to keep track of what authors I like, and where I am in especially long running series. It helps me know when new releases I want to read come out. I tend to get books from multiple sources (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, library, etc) and before I kept records, I tended to buy the same book multiple times, forgetting I had it already. It’s also useful for discovering new authors and seeing what things others grump about in their reviews; if they have a problem with something that’s a pet peeve of mine, I tend to pass that book by.

Of those 150 books:
* 28 were 5 stars
* 48 were 4 stars
* 58 were 3 stars
* 15 were 1 or 2 stars (generally, if a book was this bad, I didn’t even finish it. I don’t track unfinished books.)
* 9 were paper books (6 of those arcs, 2 of the others were also BEA treats, and the last was a library book Dev checked out at her work because she thought I’d like it. She was right.)
* 142 were ebooks (3 of those arcs)
Most read author: CE Murphy-13 (she had quite the backlist I was catching up on, plus multiple short story collections released.)

Self published: 17 (All ebooks)
Of those:
5 stars: 6
4 stars: 0
3 stars: 9
1 or 2 stars: 2
Highest rated self published:Trisha Leigh’s The Lost Year series books 1-3 (#4 coming out in 2013!), and CE Murphy’s Old Races short story collections.
Traditionally published: 134

Most common theme: Mythology and fairy tale reworkings. They’re comfort reading, because I know everything works out in the end.

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