#writemotivation Dec 10 update

1.Keep up on crits/internships-Had one internship book this week (which I did the same day… it had good timing, came in right after I finished another book.), and still working on the horror story. It’s not really my thing, but I’m trying to slog through it anyway. The next couple people haven’t sent me their files yet *hinthinthint* though, so I’m in no rush.

2. Finish SW. (Yes, I know, this is going to make KT squeefit)-Got a bit stuck, but figured out how to address it… Just need more notcloudy/foggy days to make this work. (seriously, the view from my bedroom window this morning:
foggy view of buildings from my bedroom window. You can hardly see the building that's half a block away.

2b. If done with SW before the month is out, do an edit pass on it. I want to send this out to the first round betas in January.

3. Keep working on Top Hat. Get to 50k, minimum.-Reading is taking more priority over writing this month. Might get some binges in later though.

4. Job. Seriously universe, I want money again damnit!- Still applying my rear off.

5. Get to a total of 150 books+ for the year. Bonus points if I can do so without counting the ones I’m critting/internship. (This would mean reading 47-59 books in December!)- 109 without unpublished, 120 with. +15/16. Not quite as fast as I wanted, as there seems to be at least one day each week taken up with social events this month. Haircut/sorting stuff at the house the first weekend, holiday party this past weekend (everyone loved the stuff I brought, though the carrots were actually a bigger hit than the cookies. Note to self: Next time, go for fancy looking over delicious with this crowd), and a dinner on Wednesday before various relatives hop over to Hawaii for a couple weeks. No, I don’t get to go this time. We’d be a third wheel anyway on this trip, though I’m still grumbling. (because Hawaii is awesome)

And since only ONE person cared at all what gets posted this month, I’ll rummage up a bunch of recipes at some point when I have free time and just do a monster post of them instead. 😉 So there. 😛
*goes back to reading*

(Also, happy Hanukah to those who celebrate. I have to admit, I rather like it. I get to spread the presents out over the week+day, and enjoy them!)


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  1. December 10, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Agh! I care! 🙂 But I couldn’t decide so I thought I’d let those with stronger leanings place their vote. Recipes sound good to me! Happy Hanukah!

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