Dec 3 #Writemotivation

1.Keep up on crits/internships-Started the book I already have on hand to crit, though can only really read that one during the day (It’s dark horror. It’s not a genre I’m overly fond of for reasons like scaring me senseless). Still waiting on emails for anything else…

2. Finish SW. (Yes, I know, this is going to make KT squeefit)-I have a bit of time this morning while my kindle charges where I’m going to try to work on this.
2b. If done with SW before the month is out, do an edit pass on it. I want to send this out to the first round betas in January.

3. Keep working on Top Hat. Get to 50k, minimum.-I’m going to bounce back and forth

4. Job. Seriously universe, I want money again damnit!- Need to apply for more later today.

5. Get to a total of 150 books+ for the year. Bonus points if I can do so without counting the ones I’m critting/internship. (This would mean reading 47-59 books in December!)- Current book count: 96 published, 9 unpublished=105

I was running around most of the day yesterday, so I only got about half of one book read. Will make that up quickly though. On the good side, I now have a bunch of sweaters (raided from Em’s mom’s stash of things that no longer fit her, and ones her mother had owned.. Perk of us all being of similar heights, we can raid wardrobes), a couple new jackets (mostly for spring/fall weather, one’s an absolutely gorgeous trench coat that seems to shift blue/green depending on how it catches the light), and a spare pair of gloves that match my existing ones (I now have 3 pairs, 2 identical. This is VERY useful, as I have a bad habit of only being able to find one glove at a time).

Plus today I need to bake up the potatoes that are trying to sprout, possibly mash some of them, and I have one errand to run in the middle of the day too. But the rest of the week is mostly open, other than a hanukah party Saturday. My goal is to get ~7k done this week, and ~15 books. We’ll see. I suspect I won’t get quite that much on one or the other, and then make up for it the opposite way next week. 😉

Also, question for you guys: Which interests you more for extra posts this month? Book reviews or holidays themed recipes? Whichever gets more votes in the comments here is what I’ll post later this week (likely Wednesday)


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  1. December 3, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Recipes! I love finding new holiday treats to make . . .

    And you can do it! All your goals are fabulous, and you’re incredible, so this should be a breeze for you 😉

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