Nov 19 #Writemotivation/#Nanowrimo update

1. Crits paused except for internship. Anything anyone wants done can wait until December.-Did have an internship book to do, and got a bit more guidance on what they were wanting. I was working WAY harder on it than I needed to, it turns out, so I was able to blast through this one in one evening. YAY!

2.Nanowrimo- WIN this year! (Then I’ll be at 5/10 nano wins!)- Had a lousy word count week. A bunch of factors, but boiled down to I was too scatter brained and tired. It seemed like every time I pulled my file up, not 2 minutes later someone (either online or in the household) would interrupt me, and then I would get distracted doing housework. Our air bed had popped yet another one of the cells that kept it flat, and while sleeping on it before was being interesting, this pushed it past interesting into I can’t do it territory. Imagine trying to sleep in one of those bouncy castles. It’s about like that. Em’s dad had a spare one, but he didn’t bring it over til Saturday, which meant Friday night was spent on the couch. This isn’t as bad as it could be, because at least the couch is comfortable. I sorta really love my couches. They’re handmedowns from my parents, but they’re comfy, and old italian leather. I’m no fool, even with a couple little rips in them, they’re going to last still. But I always end up with my face shoved against the crevice of the couch, and all the dust that builds up in there leads to a sinus headache. Fortunately, Sunday was a better word day, and I was able to make up some of the lost ground.

I was also sorta obsessing over KT’s having a baby. She’s the second of my 3 closest friends to have a baby (If/when the third does, it will break my brain into little bits. I just can’t picture her with a kid!!), and I was a bit nervous about it. But all went well (YAY!) and Kami (Nicknamed from Kambria, because that’s a big name for a little bitty) came out cute (which is a miracle, as normally newborns look like they’re not done yet, and are ugly to me. It’s all a matter of how much fat they have in their faces, and luckily, she’d filled out well.), and I’m so, so thrilled for her! ❤

Most days this last week were under 1k. This week WILL be better, as I have appointments with Write Or Die. Current wordcount: 25k. Finally cracked half way 3 days late. But better than some years at this point, so I’ll take what I can get.

3. Job. Pretty please universe?- Put in for some more things, still working on a better writing focused resume/cover letter template. It’s hard to balance the "I know a lot about publishing/writing/the markets" with "I have very little practical experience yet, but am anxious to get it." I'm trying to convey the passion and excitement I have, without coming across as desperate. I'll get it though. I just wish I could get SOMETHING, so I had money of some form coming in. It doesn't even have to be a lot of money. ANY at this point would be good. I absolutely refuse to do food jobs though, and customer service is getting too crowded. I want something that actually uses my skills, something I can actually learn and grow in. This apparently means I want too much out of most jobs. 😛

Also, I have a little project I’ll be giving you guys details on later, but I’m curious. Would anyone be interested in helping with either reviews of self-published books, or with programming a database? Becca’s post on self-publishing got me thinking about an idea that I’ve had rattling around, and I think it’s potentially useful. Not sure I can make it work, granted, but if enough people are interested, I think it’s doable.

And in case I forget to say it later this week: YAY thanksgiving! I’ll try to remember to take pictures, and if it turns out well, I have a pie recipe that might be posted too. 😉


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  1. November 21, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front. I like the nickname Kami but Kambria is just a gorgeous name! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


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