Nov 12 #writemotivation and #nanowrimo update

1. Crits paused except for internship. Anything anyone wants done can wait until December.
2.Nanowrimo- WIN this year! (Then I’ll be at 5/10 nano wins!)- Word count as of tonight’s stop: ~19k
3. Job. Pretty please universe?-*still crossing fingers*- Put in for some more things this last week, going to also tweak my resume and see if I can put in for a few editorial/agent assistant type positions. I’d really love to find one that doesn’t require commuting to NYC, especially in winter (I’m not driving in snow more than I absolutely have to), but at this point, I’ll take what I can get.

For once, I have my nano plotted out. You would think this would prevent the 25% through “Damnit!” moments I always get. Nooooooo. Instead, it points out that what was supposed to happen in chapter 7, plotwise, isn’t needed. The character development that needs to go with it though is, and doesn’t fit with the next plot point. It LEADS to the next plot point, damnit! So I spent all of Saturday trying to figure out another way for Brynn to reach the same conclusion. Well, that, doing other stuff, and making the mistake of trying to reasonably explain to someone why I voted for Obama. (And before anyone thinks to dogpile here, I have comments moderated, and I don’t mind using the block button) I honestly don’t give a crap who you vote for, as long as you can have reasonable, intelligent discussions on the subject. Jai and I routinely have discussions where we disagree, and I still consider her one of my favorite friends, because it’s not personal attacks, but considered, respectful discussions. The flamewar that ensued Saturday night with those… people, shall we say… *shudders* I didn’t bother replying to their comments. If I could have unfollowed responses to my comment, I would have. When they start out with ad hominum, personal attacks, and only go downhill from there? Not worth wasting my time with them.

(Though I do have one new author on my Will Never Read list now, based on her behavior there. Few things will make me add an author to that list. Most of them are going on badly homophobic/racist/misogynistic screeds, or attacking readers. This ended up falling under both. And no, I won’t bother saying who on here. I wouldn’t want to give them any publicity, even of the negative kind, and I don’t need anyone to stick up for me)

I figured the plot out, eventually. They tried to do what they were planning on originally, but were blocked instead. Shortens that chapter’s action while still accomplishing the same goal. Yes, I know, that goes against typical nano methodology. Don’t care. I’ve done Nano enough times that it’s not about proving to myself that I can write that fast. I know I can. I’ve done it. It’s about making sure I get a solid draft out. I don’t expect to hit the End this month, that’ll be next month. I rather want to hit the End on both this and SW before the end of the year, and then spend the first few months of next year doing rounds of edits. That way, I can be editing one while my wonderful CPs work on the other (after I do a quickie pass to tighten loose ends/etc).

Want a snippet? I’ll pretend you said yes.

He drifts to a staircase and up it. I climb behind him, up to the third floor, my footsteps as light as I can make them. He floats to a window, and gestures. I look out of the window hesitantly, unsure what I’m supposed to be looking for. The sea is an azure so bright it almost hurts my eyes to look at it. The smoking tower I’d noticed earlier glimmers from here, mirrored panels making it impossible to miss. The red mudbricked buildings seem so vibrant, so alive, it’s easy to forget I’m so far back in time as to make my life an alien planet.
“It’s beautiful,” I sigh. I’ve never seen a place with so much color. I really wish I had a camera with me right now.
“I worry that whatever happened to Zheng will happen to these people too. There were hundreds of people at the circus when it happened. If it’s some sort of curse, or disease, or something, and it spreads? All of this will be wiped out.”
An icy wind creeps down my spine. Nothing like a dose of reality to banish daydreams. I shake my head. “Well, then I guess we’d better get to work.”

How’s your month going?



  1. November 14, 2012 at 7:52 am

    *happy dance* I got a mention! hehe

    And so happy you are managing to work out the plot!!! Timey Wimey stuff is just soooooo quantumly confusing 😀

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      November 14, 2012 at 8:11 am

      Seriously, especially when the effects keep happening before the cause! And of course you did! You’re AWESOME!

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