Oct 22 #Writemotivation update

1. Keep up on crits-Knocked out one book for the internship last week, had another but it had certain aspects I couldn’t get past. So I told them so, and asked for something else. *Chuckles* Frankly? I wish I’d had alcohol in the house after what little of that I did manage to choke down. In good crits, have one to read for L, but no time line on that. She doesn’t want a real crit on it, just a thumbs up or down, so I’m going to try to give it a read sooner rather than later anyway. I know her stuff is scary, though, so I have to block out some daytime reading for this one. I already told her not to expect it until December though, just in case.

2. Finish SW and get it out to Betas- Finished chapter 18, but 19 is giving me trouble. It’s a matter of weaving in a few things and having the viewpoint character under the influence, so to speak. It’s hard to write first person on a chapter where they’re hardly able to form coherent sentences. Not likely to finish this before Nano. Might work on it into Nano, but using Nano to kick it’s butt. And still doing Top Hat.

3. Get a job, any job.- The interview the other day went well, but I won’t find out if I got it or not until sometime up to the middle of November, because I was only the third person they interviewed. I’m optimistic though on this one, as the guy who interviewed me is a Trekkie, and we actually geeked about that for a bit. I think I might have sorta frightened them, because the sheer number of things I do. I told them about writing, critiquing, working on learning python (which is much easier with this other coursera class I started following). It’s like, I like learning. It’s fun to me.

4. Figure out what project to work on for nano- Pretty sure I’m going to try to finish off SW and work on Top Hat both during Nano. We’ll see. I’m going to put Sims back on the desktop and make Sims of the Top Hat characters, and possibly of SW, just to fiddle and see if I can nail some things down better. Working on laying out the stuff that’s in my head for Top Hat, just futzing with the genetics component. I love having actual science back up my crazy plot ideas, but I need to figure out how I want it to work first. We’ll see if I can pull this off right, but worst case, it will be fun!

In other good things:
Got an Expedit shelf built and put behind the couch, full of movies, music, video games, and cookbooks (Because it’s close to the kitchen, and we needed a place for all of those!). Right now it also has Dev’s industrial printer on it, until she figures out where to put it. Also got E/my desks put together, which is great. My poor neglected desktop can get some love for a change. The cabinet I got for the bathroom needs a replacement screw, but I need to go over to ikea and swap it. Cosmic rule, I get the screw that didn’t get threaded. Got more bookcases Sunday (cheapies from Walmart, because there’s no sense in paying a lot for bookcases. They’ll just be full of books either way about it!), and more hangers. Which means by the end of putting everything together/hanging everyone up, I SHOULD finally be done unpacking. (Plus E’s dad is going to put up some more shelves too, which will solve the storage problem for other stuff.

Getting ready for Nano. Got coffee, and treats, still need to figure out something to bribe myself to win with. One year it was a gorgeous tea cup I’d been drooling over, another year it was a game I wanted, stuff like that. Right now, I have no space for more tea paraphernalia, and I have too many games on my desktop as it is. I might just bribe myself with going out to eat or getting something special to eat/drink. But I really like having a big bribe at the end. I’ll have to think of something.

How’s your life? Anything fun? Bueller?

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