Oct 15 #Writemotivation update

1. Keep up on crits-Doing good. Knocked out about half of Kt’s last week, and got another MS for the internship in the other day, already ~25% done with that. Going to try to get at least half way with it today.
2. Finish SW and get it out to Betas- In process. Chapter 18 is still dragging on, this one’s going to get some serious trimming in edits. It’s almost double some of my other chapters. But, on the good side, the story IS still moving, and the words are going, just not as fast as I’d really like.
3. Get a job, any job.- Frustrated with the job searching. I really can’t justify driving to Cherry Hill for retail work, but that’s starting to look like at least a temporary solution.
4. Figure out what project to work on for nano- Doing good. Got a lot of the worldbuilding done this week. Going to try to suss out the actual plot this week, it’s rather nebulous right now.

Anyone up for a race again? I know it’s close to Nano, but consider it a warm up!


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