August 20 #Writemotivation

1. Write at least something every day– If we count editing of various things for this, then at about 90%. With condoprep, there have been a couple of days this week where I’ve been too busy running around to actually sit down at the computer and do stuff. When I’ve had time, editing/critting is taking priority, and is rather more fun right now.

2. If the move happens this month: Find a job.– Put in for a bunch of jobs this last week, got a reply on one wanting me to answer a bunch of questions, and responded to that. I also expanded my job search beyond the immediate Philly area, on the theory of call centers take up space, and space in center city is expensive. I don’t really adore call center work, but the money is so good, it’s worth the frustrations.

3.Keep up on edits– Doing good. Editing a friend’s poetry collection currently, need to have that back to her by the end of the month. Got asked by another person to edit their current novel, and I accepted, since they asked so nicely. That landed in my inbox this morning, so once I get the poetry done, I have that to play with next. Plus, I’m attempting (funny ha ha) to edit a chapter a week minimum on my WIP. Not that it’s done yet, but I find when I’m having trouble making forward progress, if I go back and adjust earlier parts it helps me stay in the voice of it and connects stronger.

4.Keep up on Coursera class– Dropping this and just watching the video on the units I’m interested in. I find there’s too much drama on the forums, and no one likes dissenting views. There’s a lot of very rude people, and I hate asking an honest question on there and getting lambasted for it. Add to that the time it takes to craft obscenely short essays (320 words is no room at all for essays, really), and it’s just not worth it for me. It’s not the grades (thus far I’d have an average ~89%), it’s just the frustration factor of the time I’m putting into it vs what I’m getting out of it. From here on out, this is a strike out. Not counting it as done so much as just over.

My writing schedule file is interesting. I’m attempting to keep a log of every day, how much I get done, and what I get done. This is letting me suss out the days where either life gets in the way, or I don’t prioritize well. Hopefully, in the long run, this will help me make some better habits. We’ll see. I’m notoriously BAD at following even self imposed schedules though, so not promising how long this is going to last.

Ok, today’s tasks: Editing on that poetry book, trying to find a light for the dining room (the original one got nixed because it was really too big for the space), and finding out where the birthday celebration for a friend is tomorrow. What’s everyone else up to today?



  1. August 20, 2012 at 11:55 am

    I’m having a really productive writing day today! YAY! Although, I am ignoring most everyone’s twitter, blog and emails. 🙂 For shame, right?! I’m feeling good even. Can’t understand why a Monday, of all days, I’m feeling good.

    But hey, glad to see your progress on your writing AND your condo is going well! I know you are so ready to get in that condo and get a job! Fingers crossed for you on that! But it will seriously cut into your writing time! :/

    Sorry to hear about your Coursera course. I’m now really glad I didn’t join. 😛 I have to deal with enough rude people at work!

    • Leigh Caroline said,

      August 20, 2012 at 12:19 pm

      Yay for productive writing days!! Mondays aren’t bad, except for, ya know, being Monday in the first place. And no, that’s not bad. They’ll still be there when you aren’t writing.
      Thanks. It won’t actually cut into it that much, because when I’m really busy, I get more done. I procrastinate, when I have too much free time, and so little gets done.
      Seriously. I think you’d have struggled with the pace anyway. Hell, I was semipushing it with the pace. Only reason I wasn’t struggling with the pace is because I found out about it far enough in advance to read about half the course material before it started. There’s a mythology one I’m going to just watch the videos on coming up. I’ve read a good chunk of that one’s materials back in high school (Ovid I read in Latin, though, so I might skim it in English as well). Then there’s a few in the spring that look like they might feed some of my plot bunnies, but I’m not meaning to seriously “take” any of these classes. It’s not like we get anything out of them beyond learning anyway.

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