#Writemotivation August 13

1. Write at least something every day-Did pretty good, though it’s not reflected in the word count. I’m on a fussy scene right now, so it’s slow going. Seems like every time I start, I get interrupted 5 minuts later. It’s frustrating. I really don’t know how people with kids ever find time to write. Looking forward to having my writing space in the condo. It’s been too hot here to go out on the patio for long.

2. If the move happens this month: Find a job.– Flooring is getting put in starting today! Then they have a bunch of finishing work to do, but a lot of that they can do around us, so we might be able to actually move in this month!! WHOOT! Time to start job hunting for reals.

3.Keep up on edits– Haven’t had any to do yet.

4.Keep up on Coursera class-Think I might drop this. I’m not getting anything really out of it. We’ll see. If I don’t get any useful feedback this round, I’m done. Tired of getting marked down from students who either didn’t read the instructions or didn’t understand the story or my essays. I think a lot of the problem is that there’s no sort of grouping. It would be more useful if people at certain stages of proficiency (self assessed even) could be grouped together. That way someone who already writes at a college level isn’t being graded by someone who barely grasps the language to start with. The idea of “Well, everyone who signs up for this should be writing at a college level” is all well and good, except when people signing up for the class do so for their own motivations, and ignore that.

How about you? How was your weekend?


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