Recipe: Potsticker soup

(picture taken by E’s mom)

(Sidenote: Changing up the posting schedule. The last few weeks I’ve had trouble coming up with 5 day a week posts, so experimenting. Schedule will be varied)
This is one of those things I threw together one night when E’s dad was sent to the store and got the wrong thing. See, he tends to approximate when he can’t find what you’ve told him to get. I’d asked for frozen egg rolls, to grab for quick meals. He grabbed frozen potstickers. I sorta stared at them, and went, “Oh, cool, potstickers.” While I would get them precooked in TX, next to the sushi at HEBs, I always just ate them like that. I had tried frozen ones before, and they always came out mushy. But like hell I was going to tell him this, when he grabbed them with good intentions, in a hurry.

So I did the only thing I could think of: Make soup out of them. I put a bowl down in front of E’s mom, who immediately on tasting it declared me a goddess of soup. The vegetables are VERY flexible. If it tastes good in chinese food, throw it in! I initially used a glut of snap peas and carrots (the garden was being nice to me), but I’ve used frozen Asian mix veggies too. It’s better with fresh veggies, though.

Makes ~4-6 people’s worth of soup. Great as leftovers too, though if you’re planning leftovers, only add as many potstickers as you’re going to eat that night, and add the other potstickers to the leftovers while you’re reheating them.

1 bag frozen potstickers, any kind (Approx 18-20 potstickers. If you have a bigger bag, that’s fine too.)
1 large box chicken stock (48oz)
2 carrots shredded+ 1 small can water chesnuts+3 cups snap peas (Or whatever veggies you like. Aim for about 1-1 1/2 cups veggies per serving)
3 Tablespoons chinese five spice
1 Tablespoon minced garlic (the jarred stuff works fine)
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce (use less if you have the normal soy sauce, maybe even half that? Haven’t done it with the regular stuff yet)
1/4 cup mirin (Rice wine vinegar)
(optionally: add 1/8th cup slivered ginger. I keep meaning to, and I never seem to have it in the house, but I think it’d be awesome)

Pour the stock into a medium-large sauce pan, add the soy sauce, mirin, five spice, ginger if you have any, and veggies. Cook until the veggies are heated through (if they’re frozen), or softened (if they’re fresh). Should take about 10 minutes once it starts boiling. Add potstickers, and cook about 3-4 minutes more. If a potsticker starts falling apart when you stir it, then they’re overdone. Most of the time, I subtract a minute from the package boiling directions, and that seems to be good.


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  1. Becca said,

    August 3, 2012 at 10:03 am

    I *love* potstickers. Bookmarking this one.

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