Friday Book Rave: The Silence Is Deafening by Lacey DeAnne Riggan

This is the first selfpublished book I’ve found that not only is well edited, but kept me hooked. I don’t normally read a lot of horror, but I’ll make the occasional exception, such as for a post on Friday the 13th. And this book reminded me why I don’t do horror often. It is definitely one to read with the lights on. It’s gothic, with a slow build up, almost languid, and yet enough constant tension to keep the pages turning. I meant to just read a bit, not thinking I’d get that into it, before bed. I don’t want to admit how late I was up reading this one. I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard footsteps of someone else in the house heading to the bathroom on creaky floorboards.
This one does self-pub right. I didn’t notice any typos, so if there were any, it wasn’t enough to draw me out of the story. There are a few spots with awkward phrasing, but fairly minor (mostly places where I’d want contractions), and it oddly suited the style of the story. And the characters made me care about them. The main character, Catherine, especially, seemed not to trust herself, and that made me not necessarily trust what was going on around her, even in third person. There’s intermixed first person from some towns person, though I never caught his name. He reminds me of a Faulkner character, providing the details that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

A good, creepy read for Friday the 13th!


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