Thursday Randomness: Drabble- Across the road

The orange glow of the street lamp gives the tall man’s face strange shadows, and I glance down, twisting my hands in my skirt. “I don’t know about this,” I whisper to Jessie, but she just smiles, her teeth seeming too full of shadows in the buzzing light. Ice dances up my spine and some primal instinct tells me to run.
“It’s okay, Elsbeth,” she says, “I trust Daniel.”
At least his name is a decent name. I glance behind me, waiting for the telltale glow of a lantern, for shouts, for someone, anyone to notice I’m gone. There’s nothing but black silence in the fields. I look down the asphalt road that’s marked the end of my universe for 14 years.
“If you come with us, you can’t come back here. You know that, right?” he says, leaning against the wooden pole.
I nod, and force air into my lungs. “I know,” I say, my right hand fluttering to my still-flat stomach. It doesn’t show yet, but it will before winter. I straighten my spine, and take my bonnet off. It’s ripped from my hand by a gust of wind, and is quickly lost outside the halo of the street lamp.
“Let’s go,” I say, finally, walking towards his battered pickup, and my new life.

(Obviously fiction, not based on real events, just a bit of mood)


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