Randomness Thursday: KT, you’re not to read this.

Seriously. KT, no reading. It’s only going to make you mushy and cry.

*looks around furtively* Is she gone? Seriously, KT, close the tab. I’m not responsible for the waterworks. That’s your hormones. Blame the baby.

Really, you guys. KT is the best friend ever. Last weekend, I was having a really, really lousy day. I was frustrated at how long the condo is taking. I was stressing about money. I was struggling with my writing, feeling like I was doing the two steps forward, one step back dance with it. I was annoyed, mad, and rather depressed. I don’t get like that often, but when I do, it’s easy to lose sight of why I try. It’s all too easy to shove aside things like writing when I’m having a rough spot, because the doubts are there. I’m not good/smart/talented/determined enough to do this. And then I chat with KT… Not always about writing, often about many other things, but it reminds me. I’m not alone. I can become good/smart/talented/determined enough, the former all hinge on that last one. If I am determined enough, I can develop the talent. I can BECOME smart enough, and a good enough writer. It takes practice, and determination, but I can do it.

So much of what we do as writers is behind the curtain. Now days, that curtain has become more transparent than it was in the past, but it’s still there. I had a NYT best selling author the other day grumbling that her story was going to finish up around 165k words. I had another big author in the same room asking last week if we thought a character should have wings or not. And because I’ve dared to poke my nose in that chat group, I dared to wow, awesome! at the word count, and yes, he should, at the wings. And when KT hits the NYT lists? I’m planning a party to end all parties. Because, the way I see it? It’s a WHEN, not an IF. She is that good. She’s better than that good even. It’s so, so rare that I find an author I can reread. She’s one of them. And even though I sometimes dare enter a chat I know is used by professional, fairly big name authors? I savor the time I get to spend chattering with KT, because I’ve gotten to watch her develop from someone who headhopped so horribly that I couldn’t even read past chapter 5 on her first novel to someone who I can reread the same novel multiple times and find myself wrapped up completely in the story.

I’m so incredibly proud of her, and I cannot WAIT to see how high she can soar. I adore KT, and am so honored and lucky to count her as one of my best friends. She’s an amazing writer, and I cannot WAIT to see what she does next! She is definitely one to watch, as I have a good feeling that she’ll be a Big Name someday.

(Yes, KT, I know you ignored my warnings and read that, and are now crying. I did warn you. 😛 I still ❤ you. Now dry those tears and write, damnit!!)


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  1. June 28, 2012 at 4:24 am

    I agree with you 100%! KT is the best and will be on the NYT best sellers list! 🙂

    PS. This. This friendship.

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