#Writemotivation Mondays: Goalcheck and July’s goals.

1. Finish SW- Simmering. I’m not happy with the twist I put in, so I’m going to try stripping the one twist out and rearranging how I did something else in it, and see if that helps. I’ve learned that when I hit a wall, there’s a reason for it, and generally that reason is called I took a wrong turn. It’s like hitting a dead end when you’re navigating unfamiliar streets. It looked like it was going the right direction, then turned into a cul de sac. Oops!

2.Keep up on crit- None to do, yet. And that’s okay.

3.Outline Printed- Got the main plot outline done this past Thursday night, and sent to the Twitter Trio+E to look over for plot holes. Now to work on the subplot and character arcs. Started writing on it just to get a feel for the voice, but it’s not quite there yet…Working on that too.

4. Condo? Maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please, universe?- There’s a ceiling now, at least, and tiles are being laid, but there’s still so much work that needs done. The bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, and painting all need done still. There’s no way in hell this is happening in June now. Lesson to anyone who finds themselves in this sort of position: Renovations take 6months + to gut it and do it up, regardless of what anyone tells you. I just keep thinking of all the things I could have done in SA while this was going on, like, gee, stayed at the former job longer, had more money, including another raise and bonus… And friends and parties and such. *sigh* It’s depressing. So I’m trying not to think of it, and eating brownies instead.

But June wasn’t entirely bad. Brownies were had, D has an internship and is out of the house for most of the day during the week, and we swapped out the air mattress that had gone lopsided with a fresh one. BEA was amazing, and I’ve read some amazing books, some of which you’ll see on the upcoming Book Rave Fridays. A couple of the unreleased ones I’m putting up the Friday after their release, not because anyone’s asked me to, but because that way I figure you can go read it immediately after reading my review, if it sounds like the sort of book you’d like.

July’s goals:
1. Keep up on edits -this is a permanent fixture now.
2. Write at least 20k of fiction- On any/all projects combined if need be. Plot bunnies have been attacking lately, so the hard part isn’t so much finding something, it’s picking what to work on!
3. Fix plot of SW
4. Figure out full plot of Printed. -Main plot is figured out, working on subplots.
5. Find a dayjob, preferably one that isn’t soul crushing but still pays well.

I rather like the idea of working on multiple projects at once, and going where the inspiration takes me, instead of tying myself to a project as long as it takes. I’m far better at that. They’ll all, eventually, get done. It’s a matter of what has my attention the most at a given time. Last night, I was writing like a fiend on a plot bunny that attacked while I was doing the dishes. I don’t even know the MC’s name yet, but I know what happens. That’s more important. And sometimes, it’s most important to love what you’re doing. I’m excited about writing again, and that’s just fun. I like the creating, and this one, which still needs a title even, is just fun. It’s got things that aren’t taking themselves too serious, and a MC with a wry, sarcastic sense of humor and a very practical outlook. It’s FUN. So I’m letting it lead me. I have enough of a sense of the plot to get into it, and I’m going to spend this afternoon fiddling to see if I can figure more of the plot out, so I know where I’m going with it. It’s rather awesome though, that feeling when one idea links with another, and everything merges so wonderfully.

Do you get that tingle when your stories mesh? How do you know when to let one story idea rest, and take up another?

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