Weekend reflection

I spent 4 hours today helping E’s mom in the garden. Weeded one bed, between dodging bees, wasps, and a rather large spider that snuck up on me, and partially weeded another. Gorgeous sunshine, snap peas fresh off the vines, a berry bush of unknown kind that looks like it’s about to bloom. I actually knew something she didn’t today, that coriander is the seeds of cilantro. It’s bolted, so it’s now a matter of waiting for it to dry and then harvesting the seeds.
Came in, proceeded to listen to music for a couple hours with my eyes closed, then when the music stopped, actually napping for an hour or so. Finally woke up, ate delicious scrambled eggs, and chatted with the lovely KT. Now I’m listening to SJ Tucker’s Mischief, and reading the latest Rick Riordan novel in the Kane series. Not something that really takes a lot of brain cells, by far, and that’s just the way I want it right now. Just relaxing, listening to beautiful music, reading, and drinking chai (which I really need to remember to measure next time so I can give you guys the recipe). Lovely, lovely day.

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