BEA report

Had an absolute blast at BEA. Annoyed that a lot of my pics blurred, but got a few good ones.

First thing I did after we checked in was try to find where the signings were. Table 10, specifically, was the one I was most interested in. I was all excited to see NO ONE was in line ahead of me, and then this group of 2 teens and 2 mothers popped in all “We were waiting first”, because they were stupid and waiting outside of the line. I was nice, and let them cut, forgetting about the keys for the Archived swag bags. Luckily, E made person #5. And I stole her key. 😛 (Ok, really, we’ll share it anyway, but if there’s an ARC in it, I’m totally reading it first, mwahahaha! Mostly because I read WAY faster). And Victoria was sweet, and thrilled at the cookies, and we got hugs, which was AWESOME! I always love hugs from awesome authors. There’s ch1 of the Archived at the end of the paperback, but I don’t dare read it, because if I do, I’m going to have to like, sneak into the publisher’s office in the middle of the night or something to get the rest of it way sooner. This waiting for books I know I’m going to love is TORTURE!

Victoria with a copy of The Near Witch

We wandered around for a bit, got a few more signed books(like The Darkest Minds), then went and found E’s cousin. Got a poster and a book at her publisher’s booth (The Overlook Press, and they had a historical fiction set in Rome, “Centurion”, I thought looked interesting.) Should have snapped a picture of her grinning, but she was trying to act all professional, and I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Wandered around more, ended up going ahead and getting in line for The Curiousities because, well, I’m a sucker for things Maggie does. I like Tessa and Brenna too, don’t get me wrong, but Maggie is my absolute favorite of that group. And amusingly, she remembered me from an event in Texas from 2010!(Next time, I’m sending the cousin over to get any Maggie arcs in advance though. Apparently her ARCS for The Raven Boys? Disappeared in 9 seconds from when they were put out!!) And Tessa remembered KT too, so that was good! I’m impressed with their memories! The line was so long, we were able to (after getting our books signed about ~40 people into the line) go walk to the other end of this huge convention center, eat the lunch we brought, poke around a bunch of other booths, and then walk back, and they were STILL signing books! Soooo amazing! And while I was waiting on another signing (Where a friend of the author was waiting in line at the same time we were for Curiousities, and she made the book sound awesome, so I decided to try it), I started reading. This is one I don’t think would work well in ebook format (I know, me of all people saying that!), because all the little doodles and commentary. But I was laughing aloud, which E can attest, is NOT my normal reading habit.
The Merry Fates at BEA

I think the booth that had the most interesting piles of ARCs was Flux. If the woman hadn’t already been down to one copy of a lot of things, I would have probably ended up with arm fulls from there alone. There were a bunch that looked REALLY interesting there. Added them all to my TBR list, and I’m going to have D check on NETgalley for some too. 😉 Perks of having a librarian in training in the household.

Total list of books:
*The Near Witch-Paperback, autographed, yay!!
* The Darkest Minds-autographed
*The Curiosities-Autographed
*Eternal Starling-autographed
*Me Before You
*Jesus Through Pagan Eyes (the one nonfiction book I got, as it feeds a plot bunny I have)
*In Too Deep (which I didn’t realize was a Mandy Hubbard book until I looked it up when I got home)
*Odd Apocalypse (was in my goodie bag at registration)
*The Passage (Was in E’s goodie bag)
*The Murder Complex (In both of our goodie bags)
*The False Prince

Stack of all the books.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. 4 of them were already on my TBR list, 1 I’ve already read and loved, and 9 are ones I hadn’t even heard of at all. Nice mix, and while I’m completely exhausted, it was so worth it! I got to hang out with cool people all day, I DROVE in NYC (which was scary as hell, but I survived without having a meltdown, very proud of myself. Given as when E’s dad drives? I have to close my eyes and try to zen out!!), and all the above stuff? Complete win of a day!

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